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Submit Your Proposal*

*At this time, all proposal decisions have been sent out. If you have not received yours, please directly contact Mark Blaauw-Hara, Conference Chair, at markblaauwhara@gmail.com

Preparing Your Submission

Before you begin preparing your submission, please review the Call for Proposals.

Specifically, each proposal submission requires a

  1. Title for the proposal

  2. Name, institutional affiliation, and email address of presenter(s).

  3. Session type

  4. Session strand

  5. 50-word abstract

  6. Three to five short keyword phrases to describe your session.

  7. Proposal description (150 words for individual presentations; 300 words for full panels, not including presentation titles).

  8. Delivery method & delivery description

  9. Essential equipment needs. If you need a digital projector or internet access for your presentation, please indicate so in the appropriate spot. 

Completing the Submission Form

  1. Before you can access the submission form, you must login to the WPA website (or create an account if you do not have one already).

  2. As you fill in the form, read the directions for each submission form input field which is provided above and beneath the input field and, in some cases, in the input field box itself.

  3. The simplest way to add your abstract and proposal information would be to cut-and-paste it directly from your word processor. Use simple formatting as you would with plain text email (e.g., line breaks instead of indents for paragraph delineation, asterisks or hyphens for bullets). 

  4. Once you have entered all the requested information, click on "Preview." You'll then see a preview page of what you have submitted. You can make additional changes at this screen and "Preview" again.

  5. IMPORTANT! You must click on "Save" to submit your proposal. You should receive an email confirmation from the website shortly after submission.

What to Expect after Submission

Once submitted, your proposal is stored at wpacouncil.org and will be ready for program reviewers. You will not be able to access or edit your proposal during review once it has been submitted.

The website will automatically notify you by email once your proposal has been submitted on the site (this may take several minutes for the email to reach your account). If the proposal is accepted, only the submitter will be contacted (the submitter is responsible for contacting any other panel participants).

  • Expedited review deadline for Conference Proposals: January 1, 2019

  • Final deadline for Conference Proposals: March 1, 2019

Click Here to learn How to Submit Your Proposal