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CWPA 2019

Conference Schedule


Sunday, 7/21-Wednesday, 7/24

The WPA Workshop begins Sunday afternoon and continues through Wednesday afternoon. Contact the workshop leaders for more information: Jonikka Charlton, Mark McBeth, Michelle LaFrance, and Amy Ferdinandt Stolley.


Wednesday, 7/24

The WPA Workshop concludes in the afternoon, followed by the Workshop Outing at Goucher College.

The Publishing Institute begins in the afternoon. Contact the institute leaders for more information: Melissa Ianetta and Lori Ostergaard.


Thursday, 7/25

The Publishing Institute continues, concluding in the afternoon.

The Labor Institute begins in the morning and concludes in the afternoon. Contact the institute leaders for more information: Seth Kahn, Andy Frazee, Darci Thoune, and Ryan Dippre. 

Lunch will be provided Thursday for those participating in the institutes (breakfast will NOT be provided).

The CWPA Executive Board meets in the afternoon (closed session).


The Plenary address, featuring Holly Hassel and Joanne Baird Giordano, occurs from 6:45-8:00 pm, immediately preceded by a pleasant mingle with all your favorite WPAs. The pre-plenary cocktail reception is sponsored by Macmillan.


Friday, 7/26

Breakfast is served beginning at 6:45, with opening remarks beginning at 7:15. Our breakfast is sponsored by Eli Review.

Concurrent sessions present excellent ideas:

8:00-9:00: A sessions

9:20-10:20: B sessions

10:40-11:40: C sessions

Lunch is served at 12:00, with CWPA Award Presentations beginning around 12:15. Our lunch is sponsored by PowerNotes.

Concurrent sessions expand our knowledge:

2:00-3:00: D sessions

3:20-4:20: E sessions

4:40-5:40: F sessions

End-of-day announcements will be at 6:00, as well as culinary interest group formation and local dining recommendations.

The WPA-GO Social, sponsored by Norton, will be later in the evening.


Saturday, 7/27

Breakfast is served beginning at 6:45, with program beginning at 7:15. Saturday’s breakfast is sponsored by McGraw-Hill.

Concurrent sessions illuminate and inspire us:

8:00-9:00: G sessions

9:20-10:20: H sessions

10:40-11:40: I sessions

Lunch is served at 12:00, with the panel discussion, Sustainable Becoming: Women’s Career Trajectories in Writing Program Administration, beginning around 12:15.

Concurrent sessions enrich our experience:

2:00-3:00J sessions

3:20-4:20K sessions

A brief address will occur at 4:30, followed by dining on your own.

The CWPA Outing at the American Visionary Arts Museum will take place from 8-10, with delicious desserts and local drinks sponsored by Pearson. Busses will run on a continuous loop starting at 7:30.


Sunday, 7/28

A light breakfast will begin at 7:00, with the Business Meeting/Town Hall commencing at 7:30. This will include a frank and transparent discussion of CWPA finances and governance, as well as future plans.

The CWPA EB Meeting (Part II) will stretch from 10:00-12:00 (closed session).

The local team will provide a list of fun local options for those who get to stay in Baltimore for awhile before traveling home.